Southern Salvation Concert
February 6, 2019, 6:45 pm
Steve Hess & Southern Salvation will be returning for another great evening of Southern Gospel music. Admission is free and a generous love offering will be received.

Steve Hess and Southern Salvation are one of Southern Gospel’s music's most exciting groups. This unique trio features a great blend, outstanding voices, and music you can sing along with. When you hear the group live, you will be treated to a music filled event that is energetic, fun and spirit filled.

Steve Hess sings baritone and plays piano. Hess, a former member of Skylite Records “Hess and Baker”, played live concerts with the likes of Jake Hess, JD Sumner and the Stamps quartet and many others. Steve has played and sang on albums and concert videos with some of Gospel music’s legend’s. For a number of years while signed to Polygram records, Steve was blessed to work on the west coast and across this country, on live dates and in the studio, with many of the world’s best known artist, producers and choreographers. He truly feels all of these experiences have led him to this moment and the most exciting time of his life.

John McCall truly brings one of music's great voices to the group. John's whose life testimony is  moving  and amazing  reaches people all over the country...John is a true tenor,  in a world where there are very few. His high notes, just like his life are real.... We are thrilled to have he and his family as part of the SHSS family !!!

The newest member of SHSS is lead singer Matt Randell...This young man is  a crowd favorite everywhere... There is no limit to the styles and inflections Matt can bring to a song... Matt’s passion for Christ comes thru.. What a blessing to have Matt and his family as part of the SHSS  Family.

Together these men have dedicated their talent and their lives to Presenting the Gospel thru music.