Guest Speaker Stephen Harris
May 27, 2018, 10:00 am
Pastor Stephen Harris will be ministering in our 10 AM service. Pastor Harris has served the Arizona Network of the Assemblies of God for 19 years, leading the pastors and Assembly of God churches in Arizona.

Rev. Stephen L. Harris was born in Walters, Oklahoma to Charity and Ruth Harris, while they were pastoring the Assemblies of God church in Walters.  When he was four years old, the Assemblies of God Division of Foreign Missions appointed his parents as foreign missionaries to the country of Tanganyika, now known as Tanzania.  They served as missionaries to Tanzania, Malawi, and the Republic of South Africa, while he was living at home.  His early education included attending British schools, American Boarding schools in East Africa, and American schools.

Rev. Harris was appointed to the Executive Presbytery Board, as the North Area Executive Presbyter in 1987.  He served as Assistant Arizona District Superintendent from 1995 until his election as Arizona District Superintendent in April 1999.

Superintendent Harris also serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents of American Indian College, Chairman of the Board of Teen Challenge of Arizona, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of Western Bible College and is a board member of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Central Bible College, and Church Extension Plan (2002).

Superintendent Harris received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Western Bible College (2012).

Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Harris have two children, Chad and Colton, and three grandchildren, Clayton, Eli, and Ethan.